How can I win more work?
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Apply to tasks that best match your skills
Ensure that you only quote on tasks that match your skills. Clients are looking for an artist that has experience working on similar tasks and can complete this to their specification.

Personalise your profile
Make sure that you add your name and an appropriate professional photograph. Personalising your account gives the client confidence in who they are working with.

Add your portfolio work
Make sure that your profile is fully completed and submit your portfolio work onto your Hero accounts as this can be showcased when submitting your quote. 

Heroes that have uploaded portfolio work are 4x more likely to be accepted for work and those with more relevant portfolio work are significantly more likely to be awarded the task. 

Show you understand the task
When submitting a quote it is important that you explain in your initial communication that you understand what is involved in producing the task. It helps to include additional detail demonstrating how you will complete the task and the stages you will take.

Responsiveness and communication
Clients may have additional questions for you regrading your skills or portfolio. Ensure that you are available and respond in a timely way to give the client confidence in your communication skills and ability to understand their request.

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