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Platform Circumvention
Platform Circumvention

Terms and conditions relating to circumvention on CGHero

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Can I send external website links for portfolio pieces (e.g. ArtStation) to other people on CGHero? Can I send my Discord username or email to talk off-site?

No. CGHero's terms and conditions state that the following activities are prohibited:

"6.1.1 soliciting Services and then sharing communication and work outside of the Site, without going through the CGHero payment system."

"6.1.4 using the Site to approach our Heroes in relation to opportunities for work outside of the Site."

This means that prior to a quote being formally accepted on the platform, all communication must be kept on-site and within our messaging system.

What happens if I do this anyway?

CGHero reserves the right to apply a ban to any accounts found to be breaking these terms.

If work is found to have been initiated via the platform and subsequently completed, but payment has not been made via the Site, payment may be requested from either the artist or the client.

Why do these rules exist?

CGHero is a platform built to safely connect talented artists with clients and studios that require additional support to complete projects.

A significant aspect to ensure this safety is our secure escrow system. When a quote is formally accepted on CGHero, the funds for the project are held in escrow until the client marks the project as complete. This provides additional protection for both parties:

  • Artists can rest assured that funds for payment are already there and ready to be released on completion of the work.

  • Clients have an opportunity to raise a dispute via CGHero in the unlikely event that issues occur with the project (e.g. missed deadlines, work not in line with the brief).

In order for the escrow system to be effective, communication up until the point of quote acceptance is vital.

But it's my choice to pay an artist outside of the platform.

As a business, we only receive revenue when a business connection is successfully made on the platform (the artist receives 80% of the total quote paid on-site). Over 6,000 freelancers and 200 studios use CGHero to find work, and we rely on the honesty and integrity of users to enable the survival and growth of the platform for the benefit of all.

For this reason, it is a requirement of our Terms of Service to ensure payment is made via the CGHero platform for any work initiated there.

If you are in any doubt as to whether an action you are planning on taking may constitute a breach of these terms, please email and we will be happy to advise you.

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