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Why is my account being reviewed?
Why is my account being reviewed?
Updated over a week ago

To ensure CGHero remains a high quality community, we take steps to review every new request to join the platform.

All new users will have their accounts reviewed by our expert vetting team.

Once this process is complete, we’ll approve your account and you can join the creative community on CGHero.

How long should the review process take?

We aim to have all projects and accounts approved within 1 working day. There are some steps below on how you can help the process run as smoothly as possible

How can I help the account review process?

Clients looking to hire talent

Publish your first project: The success of a project relies on providing a good brief for Heroes. The Project Overview can be short, but include as much relevant information as you can in the Task Specification – the better the information, the quicker you’ll find the ideal Hero for the job.

The project will be held in review until approved by our vetting team. Once approved, you will have complete platform access.

If it’s an urgent project please reach out to us using our live chat service (bottom right) or by emailing us at

Other information that can help us speed up the review process:

  • Billing details

  • A LinkedIn url in your profile’s Social tab

Heroes looking to find work

Create your CGHero profile: A great portfolio, skills, and experiences will help you get matched to relevant projects. A bio, and links to other social accounts (such as Artstation or LinkedIn) will also help us verify your account.

With these areas complete we can accurately review your account.

Once approved, you will have complete platform access.

What are the restrictions for new users?

During the review process you won’t be able to:

  • Message other users on the platform

  • List any public projects

  • Invite users to tasks or projects

Need help?

If you have an urgent project or need any further support, please reach out using our live chat service or by emailing

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